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    Unanswered: [Left] function error


    I am working on a programme written in ACESS 2002. Then I tried to run it in ACCESS 2003 and it runs fine. After that, I would like to work it under ACCESS 2002 again. Then there is an error in the LEFT function in the following code.

    NameSize = Len(ComputerName)
    ErrNumber = getcomputername(ComputerName, NameSize)
    GetComputer = Left(ComputerName, NameSize)
    and there is error in getting the help function in ACCESS 2002.

    Do anyone know what is the problem. I think it may be because of the different version of ACCESS.

    Thanks in advance!


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    What is "getcomputername()"?

    I mean, I can take a guess by the function name and all, but I have a hunch THAT is were the problem is.

    Try putting a msgbox to evaluate computername between the ErrNumber assignment and the GetComputer assignment. I wouldn't be surprised if it's a null string.

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    I think it's a problem with access, I have never had the problem when using text functions in code, but I know you can't use them in queries in some versions of access.

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