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    Unanswered: Accessing pervasive data using odbc

    Hi all

    I am a relative newcomer to Linux, running a small network in a non-profit organisation. The clients are all running Windows and one of them runs a standalone version of Pastel Accounting, with a Pervasive backend. I would like to be able to query the data using PHP over our intranet, but am not sure where to begin.

    Do I need a Linux version of Pervasive, or is it possible to simply copy the data onto the Linux box and query it using ODBC and PHP? If I don't need the Linux software, is the pervasive ODBC driver freely available?

    Thanks for your help

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    Pervasive stores data in it's own format and as such uses an engine to read the data. This is the same as MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server.
    Pervasive does have an engine that runs on Linux and acts as both a client and a server for application data.
    You can use the Pervasive Linux clinet which is included with Pervasive.SQL V8.5 to access data through PHP and ODBC on a Linux web server.
    If they are using Windows for the Pastel accounting data, why not use IIS or PWS and serve ASP pages using ADO and ODBC? You could also use Apache/PHP/ODBC on the Windows machine where the Pervasive engine is running. It'll eliminate a layer (the Linux box) and still give you web access to the data.
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    Thanks for your very helpful reply

    From what you've said, I think our best option is going to be accessing the data using Apache/PHP/ODBC on the Windows machine.

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