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    Hi guys!

    I'm just after a little advice, not any specific technical help (not yet anyway ) Just to give a little background, I'm a CS grad with a little database experience (I scraped that module!). I work on an account where we store all of our contractor info on an XL spreadsheet, which is a totally awful way of doing things, there are errors and data is updated very sporadically. I've been pressing for ages for a replacement and they've finally turned round and given me the go ahead.

    Initially I was going to create it in Access, but then after more meetings it became apparent that any Access solution would be an unstable bodge job at best. So I've been doing some research and I think that a mySQL server with a PHP webform front end for the user would be the most graceful solution.

    Basically, I would like to know just how complex it would be to set up a mySQL server and create a basic web form (PHP?) so that users could access and update the database remotley. The database would contain around 30 fields and probably around 1000+ records, also I'd want to pull of some MI each month.

    Any estimations would be greatly appreciated. I do have programming experience - lmainly Java and some AI (which is of little use here!) but I can adapt quite quickly - tell me if I'm being over ambitous.

    Thanks in advance - Olly.

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    This strikes me as a "doable" project. Without knowing exactly what you want to do, your skills, and the resources that you've got available this is at best an educated guess, but I'd say you can probably make it happen.


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