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    I need to create reports. One report by weekly, monthly and cumulative. I have created two reports one for weekely, one for monthly both of this report have same information only diff is that one is for weekly and one is for Monthly.

    Is it possible to do this by using one report ? I would like user to click on the option button for the report and then have combo box for them to either pick Weekly, Mothly or cumulative to preview report. This way i will have only one report but depending on user choice in combo box it will be by weekly or monthly. How can i do this ? Is it possible to do this in MS Access ?

    Thanks in advance

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    I don't think you have represented a complete vision of what you would like to accomlish.

    If the date range in the report remains static, then you may change the grouping levels by referencing the reports physical grouping level using the "ReportName.GroupLevel(index)" property.

    If the date range is variable based on the type of report your user selects, then you have a bit more complicated solution to hammer out.

    still doable, but a bit complicated.

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