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    Question Unanswered: how run foxpro2.6 dos software in winxp ???

    i have big problem with foxpro2.6 (dos) in WinXP.

    I need run software with foxpro it don't work.

    Software starting, type error message "can't locate foxpro version" and shuting down.

    Please help me whit this problem.

    P.S.: Relative patch to foxpro directory is type in winxp system and autoexec.nt and config.nt

    Thank You


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    Make sure you have the correct support libraries in the application's startup directory or at least in the search path.
    You may need to check around to find the exact version information but the files should be in the install directory.
    Look for *.ES? files.

    DIR *.ES?

    You should have a couple FOXD____.ESL files, and a FOXD____.ESO file.

    Even more Fox stuff at

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