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    Unanswered: Export for Editing then Reimport

    I need to be able to send database record(s) via email to a sales agent. Have agent edit/ update certain fields in record(s) and/or add records for new contact information then return records (file) to home office for re-import into master program built in Access.

    Prefer that agent be able to see a form view as opposed to a spreadsheet view. Need to export all information from a main table and linked tables. Could provide agent with our program if necessary but is there a way to send just an editable document perhaps through HTML or XML with a minimal form that agent could use to edit or add records? Even open to the idea of an Excel spreadsheet if it can open with a form view but I can’t get form view to show the linked records properly. It puts all fields from both tables onto one main form.

    This will probably be a once-monthly process for having agents update our sales records.

    Scirocco previously suggested MSPersist and a Persisted Recordset. What is this, where do I get it, how do I do it?

    Thanks humbly in advance for any help!!!
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    I think you can do this with a Make Table query in Access. Choose Another Database option and and export your query as table. then you can send this access file to anyone.

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