THe strangest thing...and I am going crazy to try and fix this. I have used Access 2000 with Windows XP for over a year. It has worked fine.
Last Thursday it suddenly started minimizing to the taskbar on startup and the only way I can kill it is by going to the taskmgr and killing it there, it will not let me start access full screen. This is with NO database loading, just access. It does it when I click on a database too. So I reinstalled help, then I reinstalled WinXP, no luck there either, I even installed access in a different directory. I have been searching for some sort of file all over windows that might have access startup settings...but I am lost...I even deleted the access registry entries and had it reinstall itself......HELP
the behavior goes like this:
click on access in start menu,
access starts, you see the splash screen just a second then,
it minimizes to the taskbar and you lose control over it and it just sits there,
taskmanager shows it running but it will not maximize.
I need help.... my email is if you want to throw me a lifeline or post here......THANKS