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    Unanswered: Pass email address from table to macro?

    Hi guys,

    I'd like to store the email addresses of my customer service reps in a table. When a job comes in from a customer who is assigned to a certain rep, I'd like that rep to receive an email which contains a snapshot report with the details of the order on it.

    Right now I am using a macro to generate a snapshot report and send it, but I have to hardcode an email address into the macro.

    Any ideas on how to do this? We use an MS Exchange server. We were going to use CDO code but are having a lot of trouble getting it to work. I'd probably just rather do this by looking up the email and then sending the snapshot.



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    A while back I searched through the MSDN archives looking for how to operate Outlook from the outside using VB.

    It can be done; I found some examples of how to work with the Outlook objects in VB - it was very different from the rest of Microsoft's typical application VBA, but it did make sense and it did work.

    I actually wrote a little pilot program that opens the Inbox, queue's up the unread messages and gives you the option of having them read out loud.

    I remember that it must be Outlook 2000 or newer to use the VBA objects...

    Sorry I don't have the actual code anymore, but it should still be in the archives:

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