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    Unhappy Unanswered: Carrying over fields in table - help

    I'm trying to keep count differences to calculate an average count per unit. Can I bring down the last data instance in a field and place it in another field in the same table?
    Maybe the picture can make this whole thought clearer for you...
    Any ideas would be appreciated, I could use all the help offered as I kind of got sucked into this project and am not really fluent in access.

    Each type of printer would need this function, but I have just shown 1 example of what I would like to accomplish...

    I tried to add an image to this, don't kow what happened,
    please click this link for the table screen capture...
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    Re: Carrying over fields in table - help

    Yes you can. Here is an example of an Update Query where one field is made to equal a second field

    UPDATE Table1 SET FirstName = LastName;

    However just so you know you don't need to store calculated fields in your tables as all your calcululations can be done using queries.


    SELECT PageCount - LastKnownCount AS PageCountDifference
    FROM Table2;

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    So, using the image cap, will that work looking for the last known page count for a printer name that matches the previous instance of the printer name, or just the last page count...I'm still a little confused.. I need it to calculate by printer, so I can come up with an average page count per printer and per model (which is related to printer name on another table) this is to track toner usage.


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