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    Unhappy Unanswered: compatibility problem Btrieve / Pervasive.SQL

    hi all,
    I'm have a problem between Btrieve and Pervasive.SQL . My current system is on Btrieve (Pervasive transactionnal engine) and i need to make public data with a broswer. When I import data in ODBC I have a probleme : no DDF . If I try to create DDF by importing Btrieve file with Pervasive Control Center The data are said incompatible (Overlaps on Zstring)... I have try a Java applet connection with PIDS method but without DDF create need I used Btrieve API or no ? When I try with PMKE I can't connect (error occured when connecting to database : access denied).
    need help plz

    (I'm french, sorry for my poor english)

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    To use the PMKE connection with JCL, you'll need DDFs. If you have overlapping fields, you are not going to be able to create DDFs using the Pervasive tools (mainly because overlapping fields is very bad from a database design perspective).
    If you use the PIDS connection with JCL, you'll need the IDS server on a Windows machine connecting to the Pervasive engine. In addition, you'll need to use SCursor or XCursor and handle the byte structure of the record on your own.
    My suggestion would be to verify there really are overlapping fields and if not, fix the indexes so DDFs can be created.
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    Thx. I will try to make DDf manually by DDf maker or other program. I hope that could be good after.

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