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    Unanswered: is combobox the right tool??


    I am creating a form which has to make it easy to fill in the Dbase that I created...but ofcours, I have some problems.

    On this form are two fields which are linked somehow. The first field is, let's say, the ID of a department, the second field is the description of the department. The idea is that from the moment you enter the ID, automatically the department description is filled in.

    I created already a table with the ID and appropriate descriptions.
    What I did then is using a combobox, where it is only possible to select the ID's from this created table and I made it that way that automatically the appropriate description is given in into the description field. This works all fine...BUT, after I close the dbase, the selected ID in the first field gives all "0".

    So, what am I doing wrong, and is there maybe another way to automatically fill linked fields?

    Tnx a lot,

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    What do you mean by "BUT, after I close the dbase, the selected ID in the first field gives all "0"." ?

    Are you saying that you're not able to properly append a record?

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    When I reopen the dbase and look again into the records, the field for department gives all zeros...

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