A powerful troubleshooting tool to assist the software development process.

The Warecase Software Group, a leading developer of quality management and utility solutions, is proud to announce the launch of its eXtended Task Monitor, for Microsoft Windows 2000 OS and later versions of Windows. The eXtended Task Monitor (XTM) is a powerful auxiliary tool designed specifically for troubleshooting task resources and workstation problems that arise during software development.

XTM can provide fast solutions for sudden problems which may develop in a product's functioning without having to either reinstall it from the user workstation or without needing to close the application. The XTM toolkit provides the developer with direct access to the flow of processes, allowing data collection and the ability to immediately act upon any problems that arise, in the quickest and most efficient way possible. XTM integrates its expert task monitoring tools with a suite of management tools for easy hands-on management of data resources and the workstation while maintaining full product functionality.

The eXtended Task Monitor is intended as a constructive aid for software development companies, providing enhanced functionality at all levels of processing including Research & Development, Quality Assurance and System Administration. XTM can also be of significant benefit to developer and academic focus groups and to the advanced home user.

Instant and reliable access to critical information, along with the means to immediately act upon this data, will enable the software developer to maximize his development environment and increase his effectiveness in every way," said Issahar Noam Gourfinkel, Co-Founder of Warecase. "Developers will be able to place a greater focus on their primary goal and reduce downtime for troubleshooting. Ultimately, we believe this will shorten the development process, accelerate time to market and lead to significant cost savings."

XTM counts among its outstanding key features its ability to monitor processes, modules, handles, threads, files, registry keys, memory, windows, COM+ components, services and environment variables. In addition, XTM can monitor process performance, monitor process statistics, manage process resources, filter processes by particular criteria, free resources previously allocated, manage synchronization objects, find the required resources, perform workstation services management, workstation power management and tracing.

Warecase offers a 30-day trial version of the eXtended Task Monitor that can be downloaded from

About Warecase: Warecase is dedicated to delivering quality management and utility solutions to the software developer. Its proprietary solutions optimize the developer environment at all levels, from Research & Development to Quality Assurance and System Administration, through the use of tools for monitoring, troubleshooting and providing fast solutions for sudden problems. Warecase focuses on adding immediate value to its customers and partners and assisting in overcoming the challenge of delivery of a superior product in a competitive environment. Warecase is headquartered in Tel-Aviv, Israel.


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