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    Question Unanswered: ms access for the web - any drawbacks?


    I am going to be setting up a db and some web pages to allow users to add, edit, and create reports. There are currently about 200 rows of data, and it will continue to grow. I can pick pretty much any db or technology to work with. I have been considering an ms access database, as my data is already in an excel sheet (easy importing!) and it is more user-friendly if people go directly into the db.

    However, I have heard that access is not the most robust choice for multiple user web use. Does it seem like a good choice for this situation? I just don't want to run into trouble with it months from now!

    Also, any opinions on whether ASP or PHP is the way to go for the web scripting side of it? (Personally, I like PHP but wonder if there is any reason to pick ASP over it.)

    How about webserver?

    Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!

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    I don't have any experience with Access on the web but i do i have experince using it in a large non-wed mulituser environment. I suggest something more robust like SQL Server is you will have many simutaneous (bad speller here) users since Access will take a huge performance hit when many users are connect at the same time running lots of queries ect.

    The one great thing about Access is that is you start out with a small number of users and it expands into a large numbetr you can usual (i use the term usually loosely here) upsize to SQL Server with minor problems.

    Just a consideration.

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