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Thread: Error with osql

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    Unanswered: Error with osql

    Locally executing osql to create db files on a remote Webserver, I get this error:

    41> 42> 43> 44> 45> Meldung 916, Ebene 14, Status 1, Server USER-EQ9OV60EMF, Zeile 12
    Server user 'Robse_Testlogin' is not a valid user in database 'msdb'.

    (The above is german and translates into "Message 916, Level 14,..., Row 12")

    This is the command with parameters:

    osql -S servername -U Robse_Testlogin -P password -i c:\Store\storedb.sql"

    Up to that line, everything works fine...what could be wrong?
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    My first guess would be that you are trying to get Job related data from one of the msdb tables, and your server login doesn't have permission to SELECT from that table. That is only a guess, but it is a place to start.


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    You have created a database login called 'Robse_Testlogin', but didn't give it access to the msdb database. When you have done this, you need to assign permissions.

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    OK Thank you I shall try and create Permissions for this Login
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