Would like to explore importing/exporting data via XML extensions in DB2 V8 in order to simulate import/export utilities.

Essentially we have created Ant Tasks to open JDBC connections to DB2 databases and read ASCII del files partically simulating the import (insert and insert_update operations only) utility. However, parsing of the del files is not as clean as I would like and there is internal convertion of data types done by import that I have faked which is not 100% tested. Basically, I wish IBM provided a JDBC set of classes to perform imports/exports (maybe there exists an API written for JAVA so if anybody knows of one please fire me information). Anyway, the parsing and extra processing of del files isn't exactly extendable to IXF file types. And import simulation transforms insert and insert_update operations into individual insert/update SQL statements. Plus I have no current solution for handeling CLOB or BLOB objects.

What would be nice is if the XML extenders for V8 where mature enough to export/import.

Anybody seen good websites describes a similar process or redbooks or have any spontanious ideas?