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    Unanswered: Calling MSAccess from VB, won't stay open

    Hi all,

    Wondering if anyone can help with weird behavior. I have a VB6 form in which I am calling several differnent access reports from the same .mdb. They all work great except for 1. When I call the report, it flashes on the screen, and then immediately disappears. Anyone know why? The rest of the reports all appear in preview mode inside a MSAccess window. I can't find the difference with this one report. They all use the same code for calling as well (i.e. DoCmd.OpenReport...). So I'm wondering why one is different? Has anyone see this?

    Thanks for any and all help to prevent me from further banging my head against the wall.


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    Is there any code within the report itself the tells it to close?


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    Re: Calling MSAccess from VB, won't stay open

    Make sure your connection object is not getting out of scope and therefore automtically cutting the connection.

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