Hi all,

I did a search, but actually didn't find much information regarding the use of BLOBs. I have an application that requires the upload and storage of a variety of file types (images, video, etc). Currently, we are using a field to reference these files in the file system. My question is.....is there any reason to use a BLOB in this instance? It seems like they are more trouble than they are worth. Any success stories? The negatives I've experienced are the 16MB limit on MyISAM tables, space overhead.....they just seem more difficult to handle. I'd like to here of any advantages for using BLOBs.

Also, a more specifc yet off the topic question (well, not that far)....is there anyway to embed BLOBs in a web page? The only way I saw to output BLOBs was right after the 'HEADER: Content Type' is sent. Am I missing something?

Just looking for better options to my current solution....if they exist.

Many thanks!!!!