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    Unanswered: FE / BE question

    FE / BE Questions
    - I have a FE/BE setup.
    - My users acces the FE and use forms to view information.
    - It's used as a Procedures Manual and the users won't be changing any data.
    - The FE and BE are both on a network drive, i.e. the users all acces the same FE....

    What's the best way to write protect the data, so users can acces it thru the FE but not change anything, accidently or intentionally?

    The 2 main forms I use have a combo box at the top that is used to select records based on the item select in it....
    While writing some macros, one of which opens a form, I selected "Read Only" on the Macro's Open Form settings, and I couldn't change any values in the ComboBox...

    Why is that? and how can I correct it? Can I write-protect certain controls/fields on a form?

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    Lightbulb User qroups and security

    How about setting up users as read-only users via the access user groups and security?
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