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    Unanswered: How to reference USER info....

    I have an associate License table that lists the Licenses each associate has as checkboxes(yes/no). Another table with a record for each state lists wether license required by that state.

    Is there any way when a certain user is on, and pulls up a record for a state they are not licensed to reference the License table and MsgBox "You are not licensed in this state."

    I don't need to lock them from accessing that record, only need to remind them they are not licensed in that state.

    How do I write that? How does Access process user info? What sort of information does it take when the user opens the FE like ID for example. And I don't want users to have to enter any password when they open the FE.

    Can it just take their network login info and use that as reference?

    I'm really new to the advanced side of Access and appreciate all the help this forum has given me!


    Chris H.

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    Set a variable = Environ("USERNAME"). This will give the PC logon ID.

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