Ok This is driving me nuts... Im looking for a way for users to telnet into my linux box(not a problem:P and then a script gets run based on the user who logs in (also not a problem) and then a set of hours apear from a list of avalb hours that the user can chose from(taht they would like to work) once they are happy with there chosen hours to work they then type DO for DONE and it displays and confirms what they have picked and writes it to a simple file.. NOTE now if someone trys to pick those same hours (if no more posistions avalb) then they should not be able to as all "SPOTS" would be taken and even though it was first displayed(about 20 people loging in at same time) a DO for DONE wouldnt work as that "SPOT" has already been taken.. Here is how this has already been done and looks... I have no idea what the code for this looks like but ISNT THERE A BETTER WAY TO DO THIS A SIMPLE SHELL SCRIPT???? once you log in it looks like this....

Required Time Shifts Starting 2004/04/26
Cd From To Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri Sat Sun
A 10:00 11:00 /YYY /YYY
B 11:00 11:30 /YYY /YYY
C 11:30 12:00 /YYY /YYY
D 12:00 1:00
E 1:00 3:30
F 3:30 4:00
G 4:00 4:30
H 4:30 5:00
I 5:00 5:30
J 5:30 6:00 /YYY /YYY
K 6:00 6:30
L 6:30 7:00
M 7:00 7:30
N 7:30 8:00
O 8:00 9:00
P 9:00 10:00
Q 10:00 12:00
R 12:00 3:00


for instance all thats alvb here is what you see where the YYY is.. so you would just select the LETTER it then goes to THAT LINE and you use the arrow keys and move over to what spot you want and select your "slot" or shift.. once your done you hit DO and it confirms it and that spot is no longer alvb... *note some times there is 3 or 5 SPOTS alvb for each shift(slot) so it would take 3 people picking the same shift for it to be VOID(empty) and not a pickable shift... ISnt there a BETTER way to do this or a Simple quick and dirty script maybe??? athough this way is currently implemented(for quite some time) it is Bulky and Slow!!!

Any help would be great...