I have a Star schema based dimension called Customer which has these

ALL Customers
Level1: Customer Type
Level2: Customer Sub Type
Level3: Customer Name

When a user is browsing the cube, is it possible to hide the the 1st level (and all it's sub-levels)? For example, If the Customer Type = "Low Ranked" then I do not want it to be diaplyed to the user while (s)he is selecting from the dimension. HOWEVER I only want it to be hidden from being displayed but it's 'effect' should be reflected e.g.


Sales (measure count) for Customers with Type "High Ranked" = 100

Sales (measure count) for Customers with Type "Medium Ranked" = 50

Sales (measure count) for Customers with Type "Low Ranked" = 10

Now if the user selects 'ALL Customer Type' in the dimension he/she
should get a total Sale (measure count) of 160 (i.e. 100+50+10)

However when the user expands the Customers Dimension (i.e. ALL Customers), the resulting child nodes should only list 2 nodes i.e. High Ranked and Medium Ranked.

I went to the cube editor --> Advanced Properties and looked at the 'Hide Member If' property but amongst the 5 options there is none which allows me to specify the criteria. Maybe the solution already is in one of those 5 options and thus please help me.

Many thanks in advance.