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    Thumbs up Unanswered: Urgent - listener dies periodically on Solaris

    Hi Experts,

    I've installed Oracle 9i R2 ( running on Solaris. Started the 9iR2 listener on default 1521 port which listens for 9i DB and 8i DB instances on same box.

    Listener stops automatically without writing something exeptional to listener.log/listener.trc periodically. I've to monitor it manually & start it once again when it goes for a walk.

    I've gathered from old posts that mts_* parameters in init.ora cause it to stop. I've created pfile from spfile (9i DB) which don't have single mts_* parameter. But my 8i DB init.ora has just one entry "
    mts_dispatchers = "(PROTOCOL=TCP)(PRE=oracle.aurora.server.SGiopServ er)"".

    My question(s):
    Why is it happening so? What is the root cause of it?
    Does 9i listener really have problem with mts_* in parameter file?
    Whats the relationship between mts_* parameters & DEDICATED/SHARED server in tnsnames.ora?
    What is/are the solution(s)/work around(s) get rid of it?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Try to set the init.ora parameter INSTANCE_NAME. If this parameter is not set each instance registers in an endless loop. The listener may hang or die.

    Also the standard answer from Oracle would be to upgrade to V9.0.1.5
    and see if the problem still exists. ;-)
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