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    Angry Unanswered: FileMaker 7 and Microsoft Access

    I have established a connection between Microsoft Access 2002 (XP) as client and FileMaker 7 as host through ODBC (DataDirect SequeLink 5.4) driver.

    When I want to import data from FileMaker, everytime I have an answer that Access cannot recognize decimal data (truncate data). If I make just a link to FileMaker, and try to work with Access Query, I can see only rows where are no ANY numeric field with decimal number.

    If I make the same Query with Microsoft Excel - everything is working, but only to maximum of the Excel (cca. 65.000 rows). Nothing more!

    Does anybody has an idea how to set up the Access Query (or how to adjust FileMaker numeric fields) to gain those data.

    I had a similary problem with text fields - with default settings, all text fields was recognized (in Access and similar analytical tools) as MEMO fields - unless I have changed (in FileMaker) for every text field - it's maximum size to 100 (every number under 255 - which is limit for SQL).

    I hope that similary solution can be made for numeric fields - but simply I don't have idea. Please help!

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    how is setup your decimal data in fmp do you use ',' or '.' ?
    Olivier Miossec

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