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    Unanswered: Ecexuting exe file throught ASP

    Hi All
    Let me tell you my setup first
    Windows 2003 Server
    IIS 6.0

    Now i want to execute an .exe file from my asp script. Whe i try with or exec it does not give any error neither an output.
    What should I do to make this work How can I execute an .exe file from my script
    Any help will be appriciated

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    So basically what you want is the call an executable file, wait while it runs and then trap any errors it produced and return them back to the asp page so you can do what you like with it,.... right?

    With a simple exe you can't really do this...

    What you could do is get your exe to generate a results file or something. Before you execute your exe you delete any results files that exist, then run your exe and loop waiting for the results file to turn up.

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