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    Unanswered: Swapping values between fields of 2 records

    I've got a simple database for testing purposes. It has one table (Appointments). The fields of interest for this positing are:

    app_id, date, start time, end time/duration and nature

    What I want to achieve is to create a form where a user selects the app_id on two separate combo boxes (each combo box determining the values of the other fields for that appointment). Then when the user clicks the swap appointment button, some of the fields from each appointment are swapped.

    Any ideas, or rough solutions to achieve this greatly appreciated!!!

    Have had a go already but, one major problem which i can't seem to solve is that i can't get the combo box for one of the appointments just to retreive the values for the other fields of that appointment (it sets all the fields of both appointments)!!

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    Capture the field of interest in to variables. then you Ado to update the App_ID with the fields of interest of the other apointment (now captured in variables) and do the second App_ID

    VariableName1 = ComboBoxName.Column(0)
    VariableName2 = ComboBoxName.Column(1)


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