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    Question Unanswered: Backup And Recovery

    Hi Guys,
    Well. I'm new to SQL server and appreciate your help on a problem....
    Is the database mirroring possible in SQL server 2000. as in Oracle.

    ie. I've the data file and a old log file (dated 3-04-2004), and ofource the backup file of the same date.

    Now if my hard disk is creashed yesterday, will I be able to restore the database with the help of the data file which is updated till yesterday.

    I can fo this in oracle. I create another database and then swap it's control files and data file that of the old one( the one which I need to restore). then i change the password file and boom i get everything upto date.

    Can i do some thing like this in SQL Server?

    thanking in anticipation

    santosh kamble

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    If you have both data and log files still available you can use the sp_attach_db stored procedure to recreate the database. If you have only a data file, you can use sp_attach_single_file_db. See in books online for more info on these procs.

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