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    Unanswered: create database for use in 3d


    I'am working on a project for the users of 3d canvas and myself
    this project is called "animation analizer" which has the particullarity that write some script (application for 3d canvas) that will animateobject of all kind as human objects, cars, etc.

    my problem is the follow seem that I'am using more of the codes of 3d canvas there is a problem about geting the orientation of a group (group can be moved as reoriented in time to create animation for games) don't want to give the orientation and that this will be not in a next future be solved. I'want to know how i can create a database , write information in it and get information of it with vbscript . I need this info in order for my animation analizer to write a script

    as result this script will allow to reduce the work of animating an object
    which is time consuming


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    Take a beginners access class.

    This isn't the place to go from Zero to 3rd Party Developer Guru.

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