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    Unanswered: Is there an INI file that controls access?

    I am still trying to solve my problem of losing control of Access 2000 when it starts up..running under WinXP. Is there a file like an initialization file or some other file that has startup settings for Access 2000, that could possibly be hiding somewhere on my hard drive that I could delete and then hopefully Access would regenerate it with clean settings. If so, where would this file be and what would it be named?
    My problem is Access is minimizing to the taskbar as soon as it opens and I lose control of it. Doesn't matter if I start it with a shortcut or click on it directly, and I have run it on this computer for over a year without a problem. All the other Office suite programs run fine.

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    Did you try this? See attached

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    I believe that the INI file went away with Access 2.0
    There is probably a registry setting for this but I was not able to find it.

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