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    Unanswered: Access and MySQL

    Im about to put the final touches on my access project - which means migrating it to work with mysql on a linux server.
    Now Ive heard that mysql has some problems with ADO, is this a fact? I deliberatly used only ADO and abandoned DAO for the migration to work.
    And - as I forsee this is gonna be hell to go through, does anyone have any tips for me (about the migration)?


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    Access + mySQL


    I don't know what Access version or Linux you're running, but I have some experience in such situation. I've got a recent mySQL on Debian Linux and Access 2000 (with ADO 2.6) on Windows 2000 machine. At least for me ADO has been working fine with VBA code. Just ensure to get the mySQL drivers for Windows properly installed & configured. I've done thousands of INSERTs and big SELECTs (automated, mostly testing purposes) and I've noticed no problems with ADO.


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    My system ->
    Linux: Fedora core 1, latest MySQL (4.0.18)
    Windows: WinXPproSP1, Office2003, JET 4sp8, MDAC 2.8

    What do I need next? Do you have any suggestions? Any preferred ODBC release/drivers...

    b.t.w. my worry isnt the VBA code. Im worried about the stuff access does automaticly (the stuf I didnt code).


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