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    Unanswered: DB2 migration from 7.2 to 8.1 stored procedure problem

    We have been able to restore a database backup made on DB 7.2 in DB2
    8.1. But now, while trying to rebuild the stored procedures which
    in our database, we receive the following error :

    Error: -rootpkgname value must be between 1 and 7 characters

    And the build fails.

    If we look at the packagename we see this is 8 characters long (e.g.
    This was no problem in the previous DB2 7.2 version. Just changing the
    package name (by deleting the last
    character) doesn't resolve the issue, we just get a different error :

    [IBM][CLI Driver][DB2/NT] SQL20204N The user defined function or
    procedure "UBENCH.UBS_SALE_GETDATA" was unable to map to a single Java
    method. LINE NUMBER=6. SQLSTATE=46008

    and the build fails, no matter how many methods there are in the Java code...

    We use DB2 8.1.5 Enterprise Edition for Windows, running on Windows
    Server SP4.

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    I'm not sure the packagename really is the problem. At least if I take a look at the db2 package names we have they are all 8 characters and build is working fine in 8.1.5 after restore/migrate from 7.2.8. (on nt 4.0 sp6). Yet I'm not sure the rootpgkname really refers to db2 stored procedure package names... does it?

    However we also had big problems with build at first. Errors however where different and compiler related. We ended up upgrading the c++ compiler. (visual c++ 5.0 does not work anymore, 6.0 seems to be required)

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    Migration problems

    Mhh, same problems here...we'll try upgrading the compiler, Thanks for the tip !

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