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    Greetings from Mexico City...

    We have a client who has Informix 9.21 running on a Sun Enterprise 3000, when they try to backup the database on a tape (DDS-4), only bakup a 2 GB file systems by using the Informic backup tool, they want to by an DLT8000 tape unit, but they want to know if there`s a way to send chunks grather than 2 GB, if they using ufsdump they can backup the entire database, I wonder if you can tell me if it`s possible backup the entire database using the Informix Backup tool?. at this time, they handled a size block of 1024 MB.

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    Hello to you from the Netherlands,

    Making a backup of a system which is bigger as 2 GB is no problem. Informix only has a 2GB backup limitation to disk (in 9.21). If you are using ontape just set your tape size bigger and their will be no problem. You talked about chunks bigger as 2 GB, buit this is not possible in 9.21. One chunk can be max. 2GB, the total instance can be 4 TB.

    In 9.40 a lot of limits are raised, such as:
    - Chunk size: 4 TB
    - Instance size : 128 PB
    - Tools file size (like backup ontape to disk) : multiple Exabyte.

    But I don't think you have a problem in this case. If you need more info, just let me know.


    Rob Prop

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