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    Unanswered: Archive/form/subform help plz

    hello guys
    this is very important for me so id appreciate all your help : )

    ok im doing a project where i have to solve a problem and in my case i am just creating a computerised system for a restaurant.

    my problem now is with my 'Cash Register' section where i have the orders coming in and being recorded in a form i made.

    the database mustn't really work perfectly since nobody will know and ill be presenting it on paper with screenshots-explanations and code.

    the table i made where the orders will be recorded has the following fields:
    (i will just be entering the ProductID code and the rest of the fields will be autofilled)

    Now since there are 30 tables in the restaurant, i have created 30 tables with the above fields, each named Table1,Table2...Table30
    so each order will be recorded in its appropriate table number.

    Now what i need to do is.. have these 30 tables to be archieved in another database and their contents in the current database to be deleted so that the next day i will have the tables of Table1,Table2..Table30 empty for the new orders to be recored


    1. How do i archieve the tables?

    2. In my 'Cash Register' form i inserted a subform frm_Cash Register Subform which consists of the contents of table1.
    How can i have the frm_Cash Register Subform open the contents of the rest of the tables? (table2,table3..) or do i have to create a separate subform for each table number.

    If i have to create 30 different can i have the one Cash Register form open the different subforms or do i have to create 30 different Cash Register forms, so that each one applies for one different subform.

    is there any better way i can make this work?
    I hope you can help me

    Cash Register Screenshot:
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    as far as the backend is concerned, you should only have to store the product ID and quantity.... 30 different subforms? How do you have the products setup? You don't have a different table for each category do you?

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    i solved my 2. problem
    i just created a new table with a field
    TableNumber and included it as a foreign key in my "table" table

    my problem now is how to archive the table into another database

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