I have a crosstab query that spits out contracts falling due at 30-day intervals. I use the partition function to achieve this, capping it at 120 days. It takes the following form:

Expr1: Partition(round([ABC].[EndDate]-Now(),1),1,120,30)

The name of the expression ("Expr1") is whatever the query picks up from the data - ie, if a contract is seen to fall due in 61-90 days, the column heading in the query (Expr1) becomes 61-90 and so on. This works fine in the query.

In the report I have designed based on this query, though, I have a problem. I cannot put a text control for the expression since there is none until I run the query. When I do run one, it is static (ie, a snapshot of data at that instant), and pulling in the appearing expression fields into the report does not update to a future running of the report when the query data would show other day periods when contracts fall due.

This results in a Microsoft error message that "The Microsoft Jet engine does not recognise '[- 0]' as a valid field name or expression". The field enclosed in the square brackets are any that the report does not find the data for in the query.

How does one correct for this?

Your help is appreciated.