We have a client that's trying to move an old Access database to his new system. When he tries to open the moved file, he gets the message: "You do not have the necessary permissions to use the (database) object. Have your system adminsitrator or the person who created this object establish the appropriate permissions for you."

Looking on the internet, I see I'm probably in over my head. However, it's such a convoluted migration, I thought it might be something simpler that's only responding with this message.

The whole story: A person in India created this for him, years ago in Access 2. He has been using it until recently on an old laptop running Win95 with Access 97. When you open the file on the old system in A97, you are prompted for a user/pwd, which he has, and it works fine.

He's now has a new laptop running XP and Access 2003. Rather than mess with trying to get connectivity in the old junker, we pulled his hard drive and burnt his data onto a DVD and now the .mdb file has been copied onto his desktop. I've reset the read only attributes from the .mdb file.

It seems to me that if he has the user/pwd for the file, he ought to be able to get past the permissions problem. I fully expect to run into Access version/data conversion problems but I didn't think I wouldn't even be able to get started.

Any suggestions?