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    Unanswered: Startup Open Need Ideas

    Oracle 8i Release

    SVRMGR> startup open
    ORACLE instance started.
    Total System Global Area 838660256 bytes
    Fixed Size 73888 bytes
    Variable Size 804859904 bytes
    Database Buffers 33554432 bytes
    Redo Buffers 172032 bytes
    Database mounted.
    Database opened.

    My memory in Top looks like this :
    2581496k av,
    1146872k used,
    1434624k free,
    0k shrd,
    43004k buff 281100k actv,
    696648k in_d,
    42808k in_c
    2624320k av,
    0k used,
    2624320k free
    971216k cached

    initSID.ora looks like this :

    db_block_size = 4096
    processes = 300
    parallel_max_servers = 16
    open_cursors = 500
    max_enabled_roles = 30
    db_block_buffers = 8192
    db_file_multiblock_read_count = 32
    shared_pool_size = 400004096
    large_pool_size = 400004096
    sort_area_size = 100004096
    sort_area_retained_size = 13100072
    log_buffer = 163840

    Database is really fast now but, I want to make sure it is perfect before I put it into production, it has two Intel 2.8 Xeons.
    This is when there are no users logged on, Any tips of optimizing my setup?

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    >Any tips of optimizing my setup?
    Limit the total number of concurrent users to <= 4.
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    LoL. I wish I could do that!

    I am going to have about 20-30 users on :-(

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