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    Unanswered: Oracle 9i import problem

    Hello there, I need some help importing to Oracle 9i.

    I have an export file from oracle 8i running on Windows NT4.

    the way I exported was exp SYSTEM/password FULL=y FILE=dba.dmp GRANTS=y ROWS=y

    Then I try to import

    and I get the following error

    IMP - 00038
    Could not convert to environment character set's handle.

    Does anyone have an idea what the problem might be?

    Maybe the charcter set is different on the new database, if so how would I change it?

    Thanks everyone for any imput

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    Set environment variable NLS_LANG to the character set of the export dump file.
    The export may have been created from a database that is using a character set that is different from the one used for the 'import' database.
    This is especially true if one database uses a 7-bit character set and the other uses an 8-bit character set.
    Reference: [NOTE:225912.1] Changing the Database Character Set - an Overview
    Note: The import's character set should be a superset of the export's character set, otherwise special characters will not be correctly converted.
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