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    Unanswered: format report to look like a spreadsheet

    I'm not sure how to best explain what I'm trying to do, so I hope someone understands...

    I have a query that pulls 2 fields and a count of records that have those 2 field value combinations. Is there a way for me to turn that into an Access report where one of the field values display across the page (L>R) and the other displays from top to bottom and their corresponding counts in the middle?

    Example of my data set:


    I tried creating a pivot table in Access, but it would not allow me to format the display (or maybe I'm not getting how to do that either)... Any ideas?

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    Re: format report to look like a spreadsheet

    Pivot Table in Access are difficult when you have dynamic field names (i.e. the field name can change every time you generate the query). If you have static field names then you should be able to format it "spreadsheet" style by altering the report design. I have done this as a crosstab query which works well.

    The other alternative is to export the query result to an excel file and then manipulate it there. Guess that depends on whether or not this action is attached to a button click event or not. This would require further coding for saving the file etc. but if you're doing it yourself, or just occasionally, this may solve your problem.


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