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    Unhappy Unanswered: Using Java In Asa 8.02 - Problem Null Parameters

    I have a problem working with java classes in ASA8. The method that I have receive a Integer parameter that can be a null value. so I declare a parameter as java.lang.Integer. Then I created a function like this

    //ALTER function DBA.usf_get_desc_distrito(in pc_cod integer)
    //returns varchar(80)
    // return PJ.OpeFuncCDelito >> usf_get_desc_distrito(new "java.lang.Integer"(pc_cod))

    That apply only if all values are numbers but I receive a error if the parameter is null. Then I replace the sentence by this one :

    // return PJ.OpeFuncCDelito >> usf_get_desc_distrito(pc_cod)

    and This only work if my value is null

    I hope someone can give me the correct way to create a function.


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