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    Unanswered: DED and requery in VB6


    My project is in VB6, using ADO 2.8 and a data environment designer.

    In the DED I defined a command with a subcommand related to it. In fact, it is a simple article table with movements on it. This obviously results in a data shape.

    On a form I dragged a few controls from the master table (article) and a datagrid from the chapter (movements). Next, I created a few command buttons to be able to go to the previous and next record.

    So far no problem. However, if I add a requery statement in my code (for instance in the form_load) the buttons allow me to navigate through the data, BUT THE CONTENTS OF THE CONTROLS IS NO LONGER UPDATED !!!

    At your convenience the code and database are attached. The project opens the faulty form. Sorry for the labels and menu's, but this app is in Dutch.

    Many thx in advance for a solution.
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