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    Unanswered: Replicate Table


    I have a table with over 22 million rows and it also has indexes.

    Currently the table is using FIELDA(which is date) as a the field for partition range. I need to use a different field for my partition range, so I have to rebuild my table.

    Any ideas welcome!


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    insert into <table> (col1, col2, ..., col<n>) select col1, col2, ..., col<n> from <table to be partioned> where <cond>;

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    It would be nice if you can use composite partitioning on your table for performance benefits, as composite partitioning partitions data using the range method, and within each partition, subpartitions it using the hash or list method.

    Composite range-hash partitioning provides the improved manageability of range partitioning and the data placement, striping, and parallelism advantages of hash partitioning. Composite range-list partitioning provides the manageability of range partitioning and the explicit control of list partitioning for the subpartitions.

    If you want to simple swap the partition key - then new partitioned table is the only choice.


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