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    Unanswered: Linking two tables up


    I am quite new to access. I can do all teh basic stuff like reports form etc...

    I am having trouble tryin to link two table up. I have two tables. One is a link table which connects to my dataflex database which have about 2,000 records.

    My problem is I want to add an extra column to this database to put notes in about each record. I dont want to add the actual coloumn in Dataflex but only in access. Is there any way to create a new table and linking these two up so it will show all of the database from from dataflex with an extra column at the end for notes.


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    Assuming your original table in the other database but that you're linked to is called tblCustomer.

    Then perhaps add a new table perhaps directly in the frontend called tblCustomerNotes which contains CustomerID and CustomerNotes. (And maybe you'd add an autonumber field or something if you wanted to uniquely identify each tblCustomerNotes record if ever needed.)

    Then in a query (but not a table) you could show all the fields in tblCustomer as well as the CustomerNotes field in tblCustomerNotes.

    And in the query you would link (showing all from tblCustomer and only matching fields in tblCustomerNotes) tblCustomer.CustomerID to tblCustomerNotes.CustomerID.
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