I have an Access 2002 application and database in an mdb on an XP machine.
I want to install the mdb on a shared drive as a data source
I want to distribute the mdb to clients as the application.
I try to disconnect the client from its database using the method


I get the error
"mutiple-step OLE DB operation generated errors. Check OLE DB status value, if available"

I have tried this method on three other PC's with Access 2003 and get the error "object does not exist or is closed". However I can use currentproject to succesfully connect a recordset object to the default database, and I can read the baseconnectionstring. So it must exist and be open.

I can succesfully connect to the remote mdb by creating a connection object but I cannot assign this to the currentproject.
Using this method would require a largescale application rewrite.

I've installed the latest Jet 8
Installed latest XP and Office service packs.
set tools,macro,security level to low to avoid sandbox
Trawled numerous db forums and the msdn without any success for three days now.

Can anyone help, yours exhaustedly.
Thanks in advance.