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    Unanswered: pull down menu

    hi i have 2 questions
    1 i use a pulldown menu to select some data in my form
    if i use the menu there are 2 coloms shown and only 1 is filled in the text
    this is ok now do i want to show the second collom in a differnt textfield
    but in reference to the chosen 1 collom
    i have no idee how to link this

    my second question is
    is it possible to make a pulldown menu where i cann choose more then 1 out the tabel just by clicking on a yes/no field
    and then the result is shown in a textfield

    i hope my question are clear i know what i wanted to ask but didn't know how
    to ask it proberly
    any help is welkom


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    You may reference the "hidden" column by calling the "column" property of your combo box in the "After Update" event handler. For instance, if you have a two column combo box, you could use the following code to dump the "second" column's value into an external text box:

    yourTextBox = YourComboBox.Column(1, YourComboBox.listIndex)

    2.) What you are describing is called "multi-select". It is not available to a combobox. You would be better served using a listbox in this scenario. The methods mentioned in question 1 are the same for a listbox as well.

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