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    Unhappy Unanswered: Unable to load DLL (db2app.dll)?

    Could anyone tell me how to connect to a remote DB2 server with .net programming?

    The environment I setup is described as below:

    I have 3 machines, one as the DB2 server (win2000 server, DB2 v8.1.5.449), one as the .net web server (win2000 server, .net framework 1.1), and I use the third machine (winxp) for the development of programming in Visual C#.

    I've updated the DB2 server to fixpak 5, and installed an admin client and fixpak 5 at the web server also. Finally I installed the development client and fixpak 5 at my development machine.

    It only keep on showing the error message of "Unable to load DLL (db2app.dll)", could anyone please kindly tell me how to solve it?

    In fact, I just want to use the IBM.DATA.DB2 provider.
    Could anyone please kindly give me a helping hand?
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    I updated the path on my system by moving the SQLLIB\BIN folder to the front of the path and restarted. It worked great after that.

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    Could you elaborate more on your answer?

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