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    Unanswered: Not able to select Target Database for Backup in OEM tool

    I have a database instance HIGFL running on SUN Solaris 9. From my desktop [D1], i am able to connect my desired database HIGFL remotely when launching through OEM console and connecting it standalone.

    Now, i have configured an Oracle Management Server on another node having WINDOWS-XP Version 2002. [Another desktop-D2] The OEM Repository database was well created and i am able to connect to OEM Repository database from my desktop [D1] in the same way through OEM console in standalone way.

    Now i am connecting to Oracle Management Server from my desktop D1 and looging as SYSMAN in OMS running on another desktop D2. The OEM console admnistrator page opens properly, but i am not able to see the database tab at left side in object pane. Since, my desired database is not visible and hence i am not able to run the Backup Wizard which is saying VTO-2006: the target database is not selected.

    What i am missing..?? Is there any configuration missing for OMS..? How can i see my database in OEM console if logged in through Oracle Management Server. I can only see Events, Jobs, Report Definitions, Groups, Nodes. I think the tab Database, Listener and HTTP server is mising. Please help.

    Thanks a lot.

    Kamesh Rastogi
    - KR

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    OEM Backup Manager

    Add an entry in sid list of listener.ora and you will see the db name in OEM

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    Add an entry of ur dbname in sid list of listener.ora and restart the agent. You will see the change.

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