Hi All,
I am using WinSQL to run queries from a query file(.txt).
I am running a query file from the command prompt and giving a file as the output file parameter.
I have 2 queries regarding the same:

1. If I give the wrong output file, the file contents do not change (or if it does not exist, it is not created)

2.If I give an incorrect query, the output file is created blank i.e. the errors are not written in the output file.Instead, if I use the -g option(for debug mode), a debug.log file is created and it contains the errors.
However, the problem is I might need to execute multiple queries using one command and as the results of the queries executed successfully are saved in the results file and the errors in the .log file, I cannot make out which query executed successfully and which did not.

Why is this happening.
Is there any any solution?

And, have all the queries in my query file to be one-line queries?