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    Unanswered: Altering a stored procedure

    Is there a way to alter an already compiled stored procedure in sybase? The only way to do it seems to drop the SP and create it again. I am looking for an equivalent of REPLACE(in Oracle) or ALTER(in SQL Server) in sybase.


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    Oracle uses REPLACE to change procedure code without drop and re-create. It also has a replace function for string manupulation.

    If you are after the former then sp_recompile in Sybase does pretty much the same.

    String manipulation can be done using the stuff() in Sybase. Say you want to stuff Microsoft SQL and replace it with ASE.
    For Eg:
    select stuff(stuff("MS SQL",1,3,"A"),3,2,"E")

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    Can only tables be recompiled using sp_recompile in sybase ? I am getting the following error, while trying to recompile my stored proc (DUMMY)

    exec sp_recompile DUMMY

    Server Message: Number 17761, Severity 16
    Object 'DUMMY' is not a table.
    (1 row affected)
    (return status = 1)

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    you can recompile a stored proc. in sybase(for that stored proc. only) by using
    exec <sored_proc_name> with recompile

    however this will create an additional query plan(potentially different) for the stored proc in the procedure cache.

    I am not aware what replace or text does but if you want to change stored proc. text in sybase you will have to drop and recreate the stored proc.
    sp_recompile/with recompile options are used for generating a new query plan in sybase.

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    Hi i was looking for something similar and i had found sp_recompile sp, and according to documentation the sp will be recompiled untill the next time you execute it

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