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    Unanswered: redirected restore problem

    I am using db2v7.2 on AIX 5.1

    I am trying to define the directory type container while redirected restore ,I am getting the following error

    set tablespace containers for 13 using ('/db2/db200001/temp8kts/ts8k','/db2/db200001/temp8kts/ts8k_1')
    SQL0104N An unexpected token "'/db2/db200001/temp8kts/ts8k'" was found
    following "(". Expected tokens may include: "PATH". SQLSTATE=42601

    can someone tell me what is the syntax of defining directories while redirected restore

    also all the conatiners wre defined in the script (eg:- set container for ...),the output of which directed to outfile
    the script is still running and it seems it got hung ,this was the last container which
    gave me the error ,other container were set without error.I want to rollback the whole process
    and correct the scrip and start from scratch ,please let me know is it possible
    or how should I solve this problem

    with regards

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    For redirected restore in SMS tablespace use that

    set tablespace containers for 13 using (PATH '/db2/db200001/temp8kts/ts8k','/db2/db200001/temp8kts/ts8k_1')



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