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    Unanswered: Win98 not connecting to SQL Server 2K

    I have tried everything that me and the net guys could come with and still no luck. All the WinXP Pro boxes see the server, can talk to it, the whole nine yards. All the Win98 boxes simply won't. I've checked the SQL Server instance. It appears ok. I've checked my application code to be sure I was using the IP address instead of the actual server name to avoid DNS problems. Downloaded and installed the latest SQL server drivers on all but one of the Win98 machines. Same with the latest Novell drivers. Everything worked Friday (no changes to application or DB between then and now).

    What else can it be?

    System specs:
    Novell backbone (5.x and 6.x)
    Win2000 Server with multiple SQL Server 2000 instances running (including the one I'm trying to connect to)
    Mix of WinXPPro and Win 98 on desktops
    Win98 running Novell 3.4 client
    WinXP Pro running Novel 4.9 client
    Application is VFP 8 SP1
    Latest MDAC (2.8) on two Win98 and 2.5 on another

    Thanks for any help provided.


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    Check this link for more information.
    --Satya SKJ
    Microsoft SQL Server MVP

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