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    Unanswered: How can i migrate data from MDB to Mysql?


    My old database is MDB and i wanted to migrate some of column in new mysql database.

    MDB table and Mysql table are not identical.

    example:: MDB_Table

    Name Lastname age SSN SEX
    Ron Pat 20 123-23-1234 M
    Mon Bat 32 123-12-1234 F

    Convert to Mysql table like:MYSQL_Table

    Name SSN DOB
    Ron 123231234 Null
    Mon 123121234 Null

    SO i need to change datatype too.see SSN need to be changed mean need to discard -.

    Please help me out.

    So how can i migrate this data from mdb to mysql?


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    Can you export your MDB data to a text file?
    Create the MySQL table the same as the MDB file and then you can use the ALTER TABLE statment to rearrange or drop the unwanted columns.

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